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Bluegrass State Games

An Invitation To Sail:

Mark your calendar for the Bluegrass States Games. The sailing portion is being held at the Louisville Sailing Club. Camping is allowed on the club grounds or housing is available with local fleet members.

Event Date:

Saturday, July 26, 2014


The Louisville Sailing Club
Camping is available on the club grounds.
Volunteers to help with this event are welcomed.


July 21, 2014

July 25, 2014

ENTRY FEE: $25/boat

ON-SITE FEE: $30/boat

Individual Entry Form (PDF)
Download, Print, and Send the entry form to:
Bluegrass State Games
P.O. Box 1463
Lexington, KY 40588


Fleets Represented:

00209 Laser
00229 Flying Scotts
00239 Thistles
00249 Highlander
00259 Sunfish
00269 Other (Handicap)
47363 S-2 7.9
47364 Pearson 26s

* The Louisville Sailing Club can only accommodate dinghies. Ramp or hoist launching is available.


Registration: 9am - 11am

Skippers Meeting: 11am

Race #1: Warning signal at 12pm

Race #2: Immediately following Race #1

Race #3: Immediately following Race #2


Medals will be given in all classes for first, second and third.

Residency Requirement:

Skipper must be a Kentucky resident for at least 30 days.

  • All skippers must check-in between 9 am and 11 am on Saturday, July 26.
  • Only boats registered prior to 11 am on Saturday will be eligible for participation.
  • Regatta will be governed by the 2005-2011 Racing Rules of Sailing, the Prescriptions of U.S. Sailing, by These Sailing Instructions, and any duly posted amendments thereto. In the event of conflict, These Sailing Instructions shall govern. This regatta is designated Category A.
  • Racing and scoring shall be within the designated fleets listed above. The race committee may designate multiple handicap fleets as necessary.
  • Notices will be posted at the registration area. It shall be the responsibility of each participant to check for posted changes. Any changes in the sailing instructions will be posted prior to 11 am on Saturday.
  • The courses shall be a Modified Olympic Course or Windward/Leeward.
  • The Low-Point Scoring System ( RRS , rule A2) will be used. Each fleet will be scored separately even though two or more fleets may be included in one start. The handicap fleet(s) will be scored under the Portsmouth system. A minimum of one race constitutes the regatta and all races will be scored.
  • Medals will be awarded to the top three yachts in each fleet.
  • All yachts shall have all legally required safety equipment on board.
  • It is the responsibility of each participant to decide whether to continue racing, to wear a life jacket, and to otherwise provide for their own personal safety.
  • The race committee may postpone or cancel a race in progress if weather conditions are unsatisfactory.
  • Camping is available at the club, but call or email Sport Chair in advance.

More Information:

For more information check out the Bluegrass State Games website. For local information email Sport Commissioner Cliff Vatter or call 502-558-8723 (cell).

Race Results

2012 BGSG Sailing Results  


  1. Ben Fussenegger
  2. Mickey Greg
  3. David Hobbs


  1. Lisa Hart
  2. Brent Deaves
  3. John Parker


  1. Pat Passafiume
  2. Joe Burch
  3. Cliff Vatter


  1. Gina Kleinhelter
  2. Barry =6
  3. J. McCabe

2011 BGSG Sailing Results


  1. Mickey Greg - GOLD
  2. Al Wolczyk - SILVER
  3. Mike Parrino - BRONZE


  1. Lisa Hart - GOLD
  2. Brad Kocian - SILVER
  3. Paul Terrien - BRONZE


  1. Gina Kleinhelter - GOLD
  2. Barry Sanders - SILVER
  3. Eugene Cox - BRONZE


  1. Pat Passisfume - GOLD
  2. David Bader - SILVER
  3. Joe Burch - BRONZE

2010 BGSG Sailing Results


  1. Gina Kleinhelter, Prospect - GOLD
  2. Jim Wilhelm, Louisville - SILVER
  3. Cliff Vatter, Prospect - BRONZE


  1. Joe Burch, Oldham - GOLD
  2. Ray Kleinhelter, Prospect - SILVER
  3. Cliff Vatter, Prospect - BRONZE

Monohull/Handicap Fleet

  1. Lisa Hart, Louisville - GOLD
  2. Christine Taylor, Prospect - SILVER

Hobie Cat Fleet

  1. Fred Moore, Bardstown - GOLD 
  2. Kurtis Hord, Louisville - SILVER


2009 BGSG Sailing Results

Sunfish Fleet

  1. Gina Kleinhelter - GOLD
  2. Jim Wilheim - SILVER
  3. Barry Sanders - BRONZE

Laser Fleet

  1. Joe Burch - GOLD
  2. Pat Passafiume - SILVER
  3. Cliff Vatter - BRONZE

Highlander Fleet

  1. Brent Deaves - GOLD
  2. Chris Bollinger - SILVER
  3. Robert Deaves - BRONZE

2008 BGSG Sailing Results

Sunfish Fleet

  1. Gina Kleinhelter, Prospect  - GOLD
  2. James Wilhelm, Louisville  - SILVER
  3. Barry Sanders, Bowling Green  - BRONZE

Laser Fleet

  1. Zachary Kleinhelter, Prospect  - GOLD
  2. Joe Burch, Crestwood  - SILVER
  3. Robin Henry, Goshen  - BRONZE

Other/Handicap Fleet

  1. Matt Palsha, Crestwood  - GOLD
  2. Dale Sturm, Mt. Vernon  - SILVER
  3. Bill Timmer, Louisville  - BRONZE